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Workplace Injury

Plainsview Physiotherapy helps you recover from workplace injuries

With more than one million workers injured in their workplace in Canada each year, according to the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada, it is little wonder that there is a need to best practices when it comes to treating injured employees and helping them recover.

At Plainsview Physiotherapy in Burlington, ON, we are trained and experienced in helping people injured on the job to recover and return to work as quickly as possible.

Working as a team with your doctor and representative from the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, we work to assess your injury and determine how physiotherapy can be an integral part of your recovery.

Then we customize a program of care that is best for you as part of your total injury management practice. Our expertise in this area includes early intervention to hasten your recovery, treatment that helps you heal and strengthen, and further exercise and education to ensure that you are not re-injured in the return-to-work process.

Workplace injuries a significant issue in Ontario

Each year the number of people in Ontario who suffer a work-related injury of illness would fill the seats of a dozen big hockey arenas.

According to statistics provided by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, among all industry sectors in the province, the construction industry workers experience the most lost time injuries due to falls from heights.

Other most common industries where workers are injured include, in order, retail, and transportation and warehouse, though all other workplaces are also impacted by job-related injuries.

In some cases, only a day or two is missed, but in other cases, the serious nature of the injuries prompts prolonged absences from the workplace and all the associated issues involved with that.

Our practice brings current best practices to deal with workplace injuries

The expertise and experience of the licensed professionals at Plainsview Physiotherapy of Burlington ON  in the area of job accident recovery is effective because it is based on the evidence of numerous clinical studies and our in-house culture of ensuring continual learning and up-to-date awareness of best practices.

The early intervention of physiotherapists in helping you recover from a workplace accident can help you ensure a better and faster recovery that reduces or eliminates lasting disability and promotes a smooth return to the workplace.

Our approach is focused on active rehabilitation where you can become a partner in your own progress and recovery.

We will work with you to assess and determine your rehabilitation goals, your management of pain, and any barriers to your recovery including risk of re-injury.

We are trained in doing workplace ergonomic assessments as well as the process of a gradual return to work when needed.

We are keenly aware of the importance to you and your family as well as your employer that you are able to return to work as soon as it is reasonably possible, and that along with your recovery is a priority in our therapy programs.

Common Benefit of Physiotherapy & Ergonomics in workplace injuries

There are a wide range of the most common workplace injuries that benefit greatly from the use of physiotherapy as a vehicle for recovery.

These include repetitive motion injuries, slipping or tripping, falling off a roof or a ladder, injuries that result from overexertion or improper lifting or moving techniques such as pulling, pushing, lifting, holding, or carrying things beyond your physical capability.

We also work with workplace injuries such as vehicle crashes, machine entanglement, running into static objects, and being hit by falling objects, among many others.

As we work to help you recover, we also learn about the specific demands and challenges of your workplace and make suggestions on how you can work safer with less chance of re-injury. Our Experts help you in routine Ergonomics by providing you proper advice that aims to increase your efficiency and productivity and reduce discomfort at your workplace.

Therapies are extensive and designed to hasten recovery

At Plainsview Physiotherapy of Burlington, ON, we focus not only on reducing pain and inflammation and promoting healing from workplace injuries, but also on prescribed exercises to help you restore range of motion, posture, function and the mobility needed to return to your work and normal level of activity.

It is important after a serious injury that you are not opening yourself up to a life of chronic pain. Depending on the extent of your injury and the cause of your pain, physiotherapy is beneficial in easing chronic pain by strengthening the muscles that surround painful joints.

We can also help you restore balance and stabilize the lumbar spine to aid in your recovery.

In cases of back pain, a common result of workplace injuries, we use a combination of manual therapy plus modalities and therapeutic exercise to strengthen your muscles and even re-pattern the muscles through exercise designed to reduce recurring pain. Back pain can impact about two dozen muscles in the lower back area alone, and sometimes part of easing the pain is finding exercises that help them all to work better together.

Stretches and strengthening exercises work on different parts of the body to build flexibility and range of motion. These are not quick-fix solutions, but done over time, they work to help you restore your range of motion and prevent recurring issues.

In addition to treating back injuries incurred in your workplace, we are also experienced and effective in treating back, knee, ankle and shoulder injuries caused by falls, slips, twisting and lifting.

Physiotherapy is essential for full recovery

The therapies delivered at Plainsview Physiotherapy is important for both recovery and pain management from work-related injuries. It restores your body’s movement and function, promotes healing, and relieves pain.

In addition to some of the injuries already mentioned, it is an effective way to overcome tendon or ligament issues, including ACL injury, muscle strain, and headaches and concussion management.

When your life is suddenly disrupted with a workplace injury, you need help. Most people do not have the specialized knowledge or years of experience and skillset to rehabilitate themselves to the best possible level.

When an injury is followed by months of pain and limitations, it is easy to become frustrated and depend too heavily on pharmaceuticals to mask the pain. Physiotherapy can avoid the dangers associated with that practice.

Each injury is unique. What helped at one point in dealing with a specific injury may not be as effective another time in dealing with a different injury. It is vital to have a proper diagnosis from a trained and experienced health professional.

In all cases with Plainsview Physiotherapy of Burlington, ON, our treatment plans are custom designed to provide pain relief, improve your strength and mobility, increase your range of motion, relieve stress and promote healing.

The amount of time needed to recover will vary with each client and the extent of the injury, but physiotherapy plays an important role in the healing process.

Even if your workplace injury is not recent but you are still experiencing pain and limitations in movement, consider consulting the licensed physiotherapists at Plainsview Physiotherapy in Burlington, ON.

Call our clinic at 905-681-6467 to book an appointment. We will assess you and let you know if we believe that we can help you.

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