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Video Physiotherapy Appointments

In this free 15-minute Video Phone call with a Physiotherapist, you'll get to know:

  • The exact suspected cause of your pain.
  • Show you what successful treatment looks like.
  • Learn if you can get back to normal naturally...without unnecessary medications, injections, or surgery.

Schedule My Free 15 Minute Consulation Appointment with a Physiotherapist

Or Simply Call 905-681-6467 and get in touch with a Team Member

Morning 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM : Available 7 days/week

  • 30 minute appointments
  • Reimbursable by most insurance companies
  • Easy access to receipts for reimbursement

How it Works

  • Schedule An Appointment Click on the link and follow the instruction to set up your appointment with a Registered Physiotherapist
  • Check Your Email You will receive a log in link on your email and also as a text message, log in 5 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Get Personalized Care Your Physiotherapist will meet you via a Video call, will take a history of your condition, perform the necessary test to diagnose your problem and start your treatment to get you to start feeling better right away.

Call 905-681-6467 or Request an Appointment

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