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Motor Vehicle Injury

Plainsview Physiotherapy provides motor vehicle accident care

The experienced, licensed physiotherapists at Plainsview Physiotherapy in Burlington, ON are well versed in providing excellence to help you recover from motor vehicle injuries.

According to the Ontario Road Safety Annual Report of Selected Statistics, almost 50,000 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents last year.

The statistics tell only a fraction of the story. The rest of it involves lives disrupted, work interrupted, enduring pain and compromised mobility issues.

These accidents that can change your life in a split second and be devastating to your body and mind. Some people carry scars or disabilities for life after motor vehicle accidents.

The majority endure a wide range of injuries from painful whiplash and back and neck pain to fractures and sprains, to tearing and concussions.

There is no discounting physiotherapy, manual therapy and chiropractic services as a means of hastening your healing and leading to a more complete recovery.

At Plainsview Physiotherapy of Burlington, ON, we can work to help you quickly reduce stiffness and improve your range of motion, essential components of your speedy recovery.

We treat a wide range of accident issues

Our physiotherapists are especially trained and experienced in dealing with the many challenges that can occur following motor vehicle accidents.

We will thoroughly assess your condition and determine the best forms of physical therapy to address your problems. Sometimes you will have a variety of problems to deal with, from back injuries to balance issues, for example, and we will speak clearly with you about what we are going to do to start improvement in numerous areas at once.

In the majority of cases, we will also prescribe a series of exercises that need to be done between clinic visits to hasten your recovery.

We understand how disruptive motor vehicle accidents are in anyone’s life and how important it is to get back to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

We work closely as a team with your doctor or surgeon as well as your insurance provider to ensure that we are all on the same page with your care and that we do our part to take a cohesive and comprehensive approach to care and therapy to hasten your recovery.

Back and neck pain, whiplash injuries

One of the most common areas of concern resulting from a motor vehicle accident is painful back and neck injuries that can limit your motion and cause distress when you move. In many cases, you may also be suffering from whiplash that impedes the forward and backward motion of your neck. It occurs when your neck gets caught in a whipping motion, the result of your car being hit in the rear end for example.

This motion can push your neck muscles and tendons to be extended well past their normal range of motion and pain, stiffness, weakness, headaches and range of motion limitations can result.

Symptoms of whiplash include aches and pain that spread over your neck and back, sometimes spreading to your shoulders and arms. The pain can be severe and your ability to move freely is badly impacted.

Once you have been x-rayed and possibly had an MRI and been seen by a physician to determine the extent of the damage to your muscles and nerves, the physiotherapists at Plainsview Physiotherapy in Burlington, ON will begin to work with you to try to avoid long-term damage from your accident.

Unlike patients you may see in old movies who sustain whiplash, it is not common today for you to be fitted with a foam collar. Instead, many physiotherapists understand that such a traditional treatment actually limits movement and could extend the pain longer than necessary.

Today, through a combination of techniques and sometimes medication to reduce inflammation in your neck, you are often encouraged to undergo a course of physiotherapy to increase circulation in the area and promote more rapid healing.

Exercises commonly focus on using rubber bands or resistance bands to build strength in your neck, back and shoulders or a variety of stretching exercises to heighten your range of motion.

Ice and heat stimulation can also combine to help the healing process and stimulate your recovery. Manual manipulation from our trained manual therapists or chiropractor can also be helpful.

Joint pain and difficulty moving

Joint pains result when you sustain bone fractures and torn ligaments in motor vehicle accidents. Besides manifesting itself as pain, it can also create a sensation of numbness or even loss of sensation in the limits.

In many case when injuries are severe, physiotherapy is an essential component of your rehabilitation process.

Using a combination of physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises, we work with your team of health professionals to limit the long-term damage of your injuries and hasten your recovery.

We know from evidence-based studies conducted throughout the years that patients who receive physiotherapy soon after a motor vehicle accident tend to recover faster and more completely than those who do not.

Other motor vehicle accident injuries we treat

In addition to back and neck pain and joint pain, we also have experience in treating such conditions as shoulder pain, stiffness, headaches, knee injuries and delayed symptoms that aren’t always apparent following the accident.

In all cases, the team at Plainsview Physiotherapy of Burlington is not just distinguished for our knowledge and experience, but also for our compassionate care. We treat each person as an individual with unique goals that are important in their lives. We are understanding and supportive as you work your way back to health and recovery under our care.

Our treatment plans are all customized to your particular injuries and challenges and our exercises are designed to help you improve your mobility, strength and balance.

Not all pain is evident immediately after the accident

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, don’t brush off the suggestion that you should receive x-rays and medical treatment.

Even if you feel all right at the time, it is not uncommon for symptoms to appear days and even weeks after the mishap. If you might need to issue a claim for medical care down the road and you did not seek help at the time, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to prove later that your injuries are the result of the accident.

If you have had medical assessments and your injuries are challenging, be patient with yourself just as you want others to be patient with you. Complete recovery after a motor vehicle accident can be challenging and difficult and there are moments when all you want is to snap your fingers and make all the pain go away.

When frustration hits, know that the experienced health professionals at Plainsview Physiotherapy of Burlington, ON are trained and well-versed in helping your recovery process go faster and better. We will help you get back to the active life you want to live as fast as it is reasonably possible without risking a recurring injury.

By focusing on your overall strength and mobility, and combining your physiotherapy with an education component so that you understand what is happening to your body as it heals, we will also help you avoid risking recurring injuries as you start to become more and more active.

Contact Plainsview Physiotherapy of Burlington now at 905-681-6467 to book an appointment and find out more on how we can help you recover from a motor vehicle accident.

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