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Home Physiotherapy Services

Plainsview Physiotherapy Home Services

Conscious of an increasing demand for physiotherapy delivered in clients’ homes in the Province of Ontario, the licensed health professionals at Plainsview Physiotherapy of Burlington, ON are now making house calls.

Our experienced physiotherapists can now provide a host of services in your home including but not limited to mobile physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, orthotics, bracing and splinting, custom knee bracing, and pre and post-surgery physiotherapy.

Most of the services available are covered under your extended health plan.

We will work with you to help you recover from motor vehicle and workplace injuries, back and neck pain, sports injuries, and chronic pain in one-on-one sessions in your home and on your time schedule.

Making it easier to receive physiotherapy

We have created this mobile option to make it easier and more convenient for people who simply can’t manage clinic appointments in their busy schedules, and for those whose movement is limited and who have difficulty transporting themselves to clinic visits.

Our services are specially tailored for those who need to recover from injuries and yet have no time for an ongoing series of clinic visits, and for those with limited mobility who sometimes don’t receive the care they need because of the challenge of getting to appointments.

Our high quality mobile services are available in Burlington, ON and surrounding areas.

Book your mobile appointment today

Call our clinic at 905-681-6467 to book an appointment.

You may wish to check with your insurance provider in advance to see if you require a physician’s prescription for reimbursement.

Portable equipment and technological advances now make it possible to safely deliver a wide range of physiotherapy options at home and more and more people find it advantageous and comfortable to receive care at home.

Patients who are limited by mobility and time constraints find it reassuring to know that they can still recovery fully from their injury, surgery, or illness through home care visits.

Seniors are a primary concern

One group of people who will benefit greatly from Plainview Physiotherapy’s home visit program will be seniors.

In November, 2017, the Province of Ontario launched “Aging With Confidence: Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors.” The report noted that across Ontario, there are now more than two million seniors and their families trying to navigate through the health care system and other systems that seniors need to tap into on occasion.

The challenge, they said, is to find out what works best as people try to remain independent through this next stage of life so they can live with confidence, independence, respect and dignity.

The licensed and experienced physiotherapists at Plainsview Physiotherapy in Burlington believe that home visits will go a long way to assisting seniors (and people of all ages) who have been impacted badly by an injury, surgery, or a fall that makes it difficult for them to get out to make clinic visits.

We know that to heal fully and help prevent their problem from recurring, they need physiotherapy, but getting to the clinic for repeated visits is sometimes just too difficult. The senior ends up forgoing the care and therapy they need because the challenge of obtaining it is just too much for them.

Our goal in working with senior patients is to quickly restore and improve functionality, reduce pain and inflammation, and restore and increase mobility. In the process of providing relief and recovery for their injury or illness, we pave the way for their continuing independence.

Falls remain a major reason for seniors to need physiotherapy. Sometimes these tumbles are associated with balance issues or problems with the vestibular system; other times the client has compromised flexibility and strength as they age and it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain desired levels of fitness.

We solve problems and help to prevent new ones.

When the professionals at Plainsview Physiotherapy of Burlington visit a client at home, we take the time to look around and do a falls risk assessment to see if our client is particularly prone to falling and if there are challenges in the home that heighten that risk.

In addition to treating the injury at hand, we work with each patient to provide exercises they can do between our visits to build up their strength and flexibility. We also teach each client therapeutic methods to relieve their discomfort through activity and physical techniques.

In addition to providing on-site physiotherapy, we work with each client to ensure that they receive the knowledge to help prevent recurring problems in the future. We focus on fixing the immediate problem while at the same time helping to improve the client’s overall strength and ability and reduce the risk of injuries, all contributing to an enhanced quality of life.

Advantages of physiotherapy at home

By providing mobile therapy to reach clients who have difficulty making clinic visits, the effective team of professionals at Plainsview Physiotherapy of Burlington can help people reduce or eliminate pain without medication, avoid surgery in many cases, and improve their overall strength and mobility.

No matter what age you are, physiotherapy can help you if you are having difficulty standing, walking or moving. We will work with you to help restore your ability to move through a series of therapies and stretching and strengthening exercises.

After a thorough assessment, we will create for you a customized plan of care to ensure that your current issue is solved and is less likely to reoccur.

In addition to helping clients in at-home visits manage injuries and age-related issues, we will also help people trying to recover quickly from sports injuries, workplace injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and to manage conditions such as diabetes and vascular conditions, heart and lung disease and balance issues.

Advantages of home visits by physiotherapists

One of the most appreciated aspects of home physiotherapy is the convenience of it. It allows people to preserve their energy for healing and not have to travel to a clinic. That makes it attractive not only for seniors who may have difficulty getting out, but also to busy workers who manage to work through their pain for a shift, but can’t find the strength to go out again and get the care that they need.

Clients who are recovering from serious injuries often find it stressful as well to get out and into a clinic when they are still dealing with the mental trauma caused by a severe accident or fall. Anxiety issues ease when the licensed physiotherapists can come to you in your Ontario home.

The time we spend with each client in their own home is personalized, one-on-one time. There is a growing body of evidence to indicate that this promotes faster healing in this comfortable setting, since each session can be highly focused and intensive.

Without any distractions, you and your physiotherapist can work together to help you heal and recover without lingering issues.

Your physiotherapist from Plainsview will bring the essential mobile equipment needed to treat you in your own home so that you will be comfortable in the hands of a capable professional as you start back on your road to recovery.

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