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Emergency Chiro Services Near You?

At some point in your life, you may experience extra stress on your joints, spine or muscles from sports or work that leave you lying on the floor.

A lot of people’s first reaction is to go to their family doctor or the ER. In order to resolve this pain from the root, your doctor will often refer you elsewhere, like to a Chiropractor.

Chiropractic Emergency services allow you to be seen immediately by a qualified professional who provides treatment using a holistic approach. It is not invasive, non-medicated, cost effective and can get to the root of the problem.

Next time you have low-back pain that has you hunched over in pain, type in “Emergency Chiropractor Near Me,” or Plainsview Physio ;) and cut out the middle-man.


When Emergency Chiropractic Treatment is Helpful

Sports Injuries

Injuries occurring during sports require immediate attention. Your Chiropractor will assess your ligaments and joints, which are compromised from sprains and strains. They can offer next-step relief, important nutrition suggestions to help healing, bracing and more.

Severe Back Pain

This is one that we see a lot. Severe, debilitating back pain that has been building over time that’s leaving you frozen in a hunched over position. As much as we hope you would come see us before this, we understand that life gets in the way. So what you’re going to do is type “Emergency Chiropractic Services Near Me.” Plainsview Physio should pop right up and you can swing by and we’ll take care of you.


We use proven techniques and treatments to help alleviate pressure or swelling in your joints and spine, creating proper alignment and allowing your body to restore to a neutral, happy position. We also provide prescriptive exercises and nutrition recommendations to help you heal and reduce the chance of recurring issues.

Remember… Emergency Chiropractor Near Me. We’re even open on Saturdays, so feel free to come in if you have any issues and we can take care of you.